Every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm this groups gathers at Redeemer for dinner with the Young Youth and parents who wish to join. Then through meaningful conversation, unique prayers, energizing games, and creative activities, all youth are invited to explore the depth of their faith, share the journey of their life, and honestly lay out their questions for and about God. This is a safe place for all youth; a place of love and welcome; and a place of honesty and humility. We serve Redeemer and the Greer Community, chill out, have parties, lock-ins, scavenger hunts, trips to Target, retreats and participate in statewide Lutheran Church Youth activities.

All are welcome! We end at 6:30 pm each Sunday.

As a church that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life, the ELCA offers a variety of opportunities for youth to grow in and explore their faith. One of the most powerful events, offered every third year, is the ELCA Youth Gathering, during which tens of thousands of high school youth and adults converge on a city to serve, worship and learn how to lead lives of discipleship. Also, don’t forget the amazing and diverse outdoor ministries of the ELCA! And ELCA Youth Ministry works closely with ELCA Young Adult Ministry to walk with youth into transitional years of life.